Oregon Grown

"Oregon's impressive variety of crops and livestock – more than 220 commodities are produced – makes us one of the nation's most diverse agricultural states. Oregon leads the nation in the production of Christmas trees, hazelnuts, a variety of berries, peppermint, and grass seed. We are overwhelmingly a state of family owned and operated farms. Our producers provide a pipeline of high quality products to local markets. Oregon agriculture remains a major provider to regional, domestic, and international markets.

At a time when less than 2% of our population is in the business of farming, ranching and fishing, it's important for the rest of us 98% to recognize the importance of agriculture to Oregon. Its contribution to our economy and natural resources is something we should all be grateful for."

Katy Coba, Director
Oregon Department of Agriculture

Get Oregonized Get Oregonized

Get Oregonized is written for students in grades three, four and five studying Oregon's history and regions. The text is designed to help students understand and appreciate the rich history, people and natural resources that shaped the state of Oregon. The book includes maps, illustrations, graphs as well as modern and historical photographs that complement the easy to read text. Get Oregonized is organized into two sections: Oregon's history and Oregon's geographic regions.
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Grown in Oregon MapGrown in Oregon Map

The Grown in Oregon map is an excellent resource and teaching tool. This beautiful 36 X 24 inch full color map features the leading and unique commodities grown in seven regions. It is an excellent tool to help teachers bring the story of Oregon's agricultural diversity to the classroom.
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My Oregon Plate Nutrition LessonsMy Oregon Plate Nutrition Lessons

The My Oregon Plate includes a home-grown nutrition sheet and lessons featuring the bounty of Oregon foods. One side shows what makes up a healthy diet and the other features the Grown in Oregon map and where many of these foods are grown. Includes cross curricular lessons for grades K-5 in nutrition, math and language arts. Order these free nutrition sheets for your students today.
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Oregon CommoditiesOregon Commodities

Learn about some of Oregon's leading and unique commodities. Why they are important to Oregon, their history, lifecycles, nutrition, where and how they are grown and harvested, and much more. More commodities will be added as time allows.
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Oregon Geology UnitsGeology Units

This unit contains readings on Oregon's dramatic and often violent geological history that continues to affect the places we live today and how we interact with our environment. There are also lessons and resources to help students learn about current physical and social geography of the state.
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Oregon Soils UnitsSoils Units

This unit provides great hands on opportunities to learn about soils – with an Oregon twist. Whenever possible, Oregon images and examples have been provided to make the lessons more relevant to our state's students while meeting standards.
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