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CHECK OUT 101: Using AITC's Free Resource Library

Did you know there are over 600 books, DVDs, CD's and other teaching materials available from AITC online? Here are some tips to help make your trip to our online library seamless.

Please allow two weeks from the time you order, for the materials to arrive to your class. AITC mails materials twice a week.

AITC serves the entire state of Oregon, so please order only what you need. This gives more teachers a chance to take advantage of AITC's resources. You can have multiple orders throughout the year.

Return Policy
Please return materials on time. Ideally materials should be back within three weeks, however, you can request an extension.

Participation Form
We ask that library users complete a participation form. This form helps us track who is using the materials, and how effective they are. This form is also required on a federal level for us to maintain our nonprofit status. All information is confidential.

Contact: Darcy Kirk
AITC Education Specialist