2015 Literacy Project – The Beeman

AITC Literacy Project

This is the eighth year of AITC's Literacy Project! We are happy to report that each year the project has grown, reaching more students and schools. In fact, last year over 600 outstanding volunteers read to 18,172 students across the state. Since the Literacy Project first began over 98,000 students have participated.

The goal of AITC's Literacy Project is to improve both the reading and agricultural literacy of Oregon students in grades K-5. Each year a new agriculturally-themed book is chosen and a lesson is developed that reinforces the message of the book. Then hundreds of enthusiastic, trained volunteers bring in-class field trips to classrooms throughout Oregon. The Beeman

About This Year's Book

The Beeman is a sweet story of a boy and his grandfather who is a beekeeper. The story teaches students about the amazing and complex life of bees, how they help pollinate plants, and how honey is collected by beekeepers for us to eat.

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How the Literacy Project Works

The AITC Literacy Project runs March 9 to June 8, 2015.

Trained volunteers schedule times to visit schools and read to students grades K-4 and do a hands-on lesson to reinforce the book's message.

Start to finish, the reading and lesson take 45 minutes.

The program is free and all materials are completely prepared by AITC. Each classroom receives a copy of the book.


The Lesson

The hands-on lesson that accompanies this year's book is called Busy Bees. Bees play an important role in agriculture and we often don't recognize the impact that pollinators have on the food that we consume. This lesson teaches students about cross-pollination and the roles of bees within the hive. The lesson aligns with the followingOregon State Standards.

Grade Level: K-4
Essential Skills: 2,4,5,9
State Standards:
Science Inquiry: 2-LS 2-2
Language Arts/Literacy: RL.1.1 A; RL.2.1; RL.K4
Physical Education: Role-Playing

Click here to download the full directions for the activity.

Click here for extra activity sheets.

Volunteer Training Session

Planned training sessions will be held at the following events. Specific times/rooms will be posted when made available.

AITC staff is happy to arrange additional volunteer trainings upon request.

AITC Literacy Project is sponsored in part by:

Ford Family Foundation Oregon Women for Agriculture NORPAC Oregon State University


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